Work Experience:

  • Civic Media Fellow at Annenberg Innovation Lab at University of Southern California. 2021-2022.
  • Visiting Researcher at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems. 2021.
  • Advisor, Decoding Stigma. 2020 – present.
  • Co-Founder, Hacking//Hustling. 2018 – present.
  • Community Organizer, Survivors Against SESTA. 2018 – 2019.
  • Director of Communications, AltSex Conference. 2015 – 2018.
  • Researcher and Care Coordinator, Persist Health Project, 2013 – 2016.

Honors, Awards, Education:

  • Public Knowledge 20/20 Visionaries Award – Future Tech Policy Leader. 2021.
  • Recipient of the Barlow Award from EFF’s Pioneer Ceremony. Fall 2020.
  • Grant Recipient: $125k from the Open Society Foundation for Hacking//Hustling. Summer 2019.
  • MPH in Public Health
  • BA in Psychology
  • BFA in Photography

Events Organized:

Publications and Written Work:

Talks and Panels:

  • Invited Talk: Hacking//Hustling and Sex Worker Advocacy Online. Harvard Carr Center for Human Rights Policy. Spring 2021
  • Panelist: Deplatforming Sex, Northumbria University, UK, With Tarleton Gillepsie, Fall 2021
  • Panelist: Perspectives on Encryption and Child Safety. Electronic Frontier Foundation. Fall 2021.
  • Invited Talk: Doxxing. Digital Defense Fund. Summer 2021
  • Invited Talk: Whorephobia in Platforms: FOSTA-SESTA and Online Censorship. Current Topics in Technology Platform Policy. Stanford Internet Observatory. Summer 2021. 
  • Workshop: Digital Dangers  for Pregnant People, Ford Foundations, Panel, Spring 2021.
  • Contributor: Data and Society Workshop Hustle Economy Conference -‘High Risk’ Hustling: Payment Processors, Sexual Proxies and Discrimination by Design, Spring 2021.
  • Guest Lecturer: in our new seminar series, “Current Topics in Technology Platform Policy. Stanford Observatory Prep. Spring 2021
  • Invited Talk: Hacking//Hustling and Sex Worker Advocacy Online. Harvard Kennedy School with Kendra Albert, Spring 2021.
  • Panelist: Body of Workers a collaboration between Veil Machine and Kink Out at the From the Rupture: Ideas & Actions for the Future festival by Eyebeam. Winter 2020.
  • Invited Talk: The Power of Platforms: Platform Literacy and Content Moderation, Winter 2020.
  • Invited Talk: State of the Industry, InterNEXT Adult Industry Panel. Winter 2020.
  • Invited Talk: Reclaiming Our Bodies, Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings Virtual Retreat, Winter 2020.
  • Invited Talk: Sex Work Online: Censorship and Exploitation at Digital Sex Workers’ Festival for International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE). Winter 2020.
  • Guest Lecturer: Feminist Political Theory: Payment Processors and Online Sex Work at Bard University. Fall 2020.
  • Invited Talk: IFF Community Knowledge Share: Coffee Talk with Danielle Blunt. Internet Freedom Festival. Summer 2020
  • Panelist: Movement Lawyering: Challenging Narratives Around Online Laws Pertaining to Sex Work. The Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs, The Cyberlaw clinic and Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University.  Summer 2020.
  • Panelist: Communications Decency Act Section 230 and the Future of Online Speech, Case Western Reserve University. Summer 2020.
  • Invited Talk: Drug User Organizing call on EARN IT, Urban Survivors Union.
  • Panelist: Summer 2020: Memes, Social Media and Protest, Hacking//Hustling and Women of Sex Tech, Organizer and Speaker. Summer 2020.
  • Invited Talk: Spring 2020: CDA 230 and The EARN IT Act, Women of Sex Tech Conference.
  • Invited Talk: Spring 2020:  FOSTA-SESTA and EARN IT: What Mental Health Professionals Need to Know, The AltSex Conference.
  • Invited Talk: Sex Work in Covid-19, Harm Reduction Coalition. Spring 2020.
  • Invited Talk: Networked Bodies of Resistance. NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Tech 4 Social Good Day. Moderated by Gabriella Garcia. Winter 2019.
  • Guest Lecturer: Introductory Sociology on Social Deviance and Sex Work, John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Winter 2019.
  • Invited Talk: Initial Findings on the Impact of FOSTA-SESTA and the Removal of Backpage. Sex Workers, Surveillance & Tech Convening, Harvard Law School. Fall 2019.
  • Invited Talk: From Spreading Hate on 8chan to the Safety of Sex Workers. Speaker at Lesbians Who Tech. Fall 2019.
  • Invited Talk: Hidden in Plain Sight: Propaganda, Surveillance, and the 21st Century Vilification of Sex Worker. Lecture at Bard College with Melissa Gira Grant. Spring 2019.
  • Guest Lecturer: Sex Work and Sexual Health at NYU. Dulcinea Pitagora. Spring 2019. 
  • Presenter: Health Equity in the Age of Shadowbanning and SESTA: How Obfuscated Infrastructure and Systems of Content Moderation Harm Whores and Everyone. Internet Connection Panel at Theorizing the Web. Moderated by Brandon Arroyo. Spring 2019.
  • Presenter: Dystopia Now: Erasing the Internet by Erasing Sex Workers. Presentation with Melissa Gira Grant at Data & Society’s Future Perfect conference organized by Ingrid Burrington. Summer 2018.
  • Invited Talk: Negotiating Boundaries: Psychology Meets Sex Work. AltSex Conference. Spring 2018.
  • Invited Talk: Building Safer Spaces: Perspectives from Sex Workers. KINKOUT Sex Work Panel. Euridice Gallery. Winter 2018:

Media Coverage:

Formal Education: 

  • CUNY School of Public Health, MS in Public Health, Summer 2018, GPA: 3.8 
  • SUNY New Paltz, BS in Psychology and BFA in Photography, GPA: 3.6 

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