Hello, lover. I’m Danielle. I’m going to make sure that you can’t get me out of your mind. You’ll find me intelligent, cunning, passionate, and as tender as I am assertive. My body was made to be worshiped and my mind revered. I thrive when I am able to use all of the tools in my arsenal to tease and delight you, including my intellect, every inch of my exquisite body, and my hunger for erotic and sensual domination.

Rest assured, I am a woman who knows what she wants and exactly how to get it. I’ll teach you how to bring me exquisite pleasure and show you delights you’ve only dared to dream. If you’re someone who, with their head buried between a woman’s thighs, feels like you are approaching the divine, you’ve found your place of worship. I am the sublime.

My voracious appetite for knowledge has led me to study psychology, photography, human sexuality, yoga, tantra, BDSM, and many other subjects. I lead a rich, fulfilling life and have a blossoming professional career in tech, so while my availability may be limited, I still crave deep, intimate connections. My preference is to cultivate lasting relationships with insatiable lovers who indulge my hedonism.

For those with a more specific taste for Femdom and kink, you can call me Mistress. I’ll have you wrapped around my stiletto in no time. I have been known to daylight as a dominatrix but am interested in exploring more intimate connections with or with out kink.

Take me to an art opening, treat me to a lavish dinner, spoil me with leather and gold, and let’s give ourselves over to life’s finest pleasures.

What are you waiting for?

xx Danielle