Elle Blunt

I provide consultations for organizations seeking to expand their sex worker competency and outreach as well as sex worker sensitivity readings for academics, journalists, and organizations.

Elle Blunt (she/her) is a human sexuality expert and the co-founder and organizer with Hacking//Hustling—a collective of sex workers, survivors, and allies working at the intersection of technology and social justice. Blunt’s work has always called for an interdisciplinary approach and explores the intersections of technology, labor, sexuality, trauma, and public health.

She served as the former care coordinator to Persist Health Project, an organization that worked to bridge the gap of health and social services for folks impacted by the NYC sex trades.

Blunt has her Master’s in Public Health, and researches the intersection of sex work and equitable access to technology. She is a co-author of Hacking//Hustling’s study on the effects of losing access to online spaces among the sex working population.

Blunt is on the advisory board of NYC’s Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP) and Berkman Klein’s Initiative for a Representative First Amendment (IfRFA). 

In 2010, she created Dasya Yoga, a fusion of the devotional aspects of yoga and her BDSM practice. Blunt utilizes BDSM as a healing modality in her physical practice. Clients from around the world come to her to use BDSM as a path to explore their sexuality, to cultivate sustainable self care practices, and to strengthen their interpersonal relationships. 

Blunt’s perspective is informed by her lifelong experience with chronic illness and pain. She enjoys redistributing money from institutions, watching her community thrive, and making men cry.

Looking to expand your sex worker competency?